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Naubino 2**11

Over the weekend I head the pleasure to attend the libregraphicsmeeting as a spectator. It was fascinating and fun both attending workshops and talks given by some of the original developers of Gimp, Krita, Inkscape, darktable, mypaint, blender etc and also to get to socialize with people who work in FLOSS part time or full time. I would love to get a Job in FLOSS as well once I got my diploma, let’s see what I can do about that.

But I actually wanted to post something about Naubino!

It’s still at the stage of a 1.0beta4 or something like that but I had the chance to add a few more levels. In may, when I got a little bit more free time I’ll try to fix some touch quirks so it will work the way what we intended it to work on touch enabled laptops, which have become more popular since I stopped working on roughly 2 years ago….

But what I actually did during the LGM was creating a new version of Naubino, mostyle inspired by the fabulous 2048 which has gotten us all addicted. I call it Naubino 2048.

Have Fun


PS: Don’t forget to eat and sleep!

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KDE puts on some looks

In the last couple of weeks the efforts on finishing the next big KDE plasma release have gone into super pursuit mode. Their visual design group has been putting out their 7th weekly “Monday Report” with some fresh mockups and screenshots an I’ve got to say, finaly some catching up in terms of design. After gnome has made some major leaps along with their redesign of the gnome shell I was wondering when KDE would make some efforts.

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Illuminati Naubino

Gilbert is working like a mad man on naubino at the moment. This time the plan is to build it with Kivy.

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Link Redirection – seriously?

my oppinion on linkshorteners

Githubs SSH Key audit

Github just greeted me with:

ERROR: Hi hoodie, it's GitHub. We're doing an SSH key audit.
 Please visit https://github.com/settings/ssh/audit/679304
 to approve this key so we know it's safe.

It’s nice that they took that hack seriously.

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About Gnome again

Linux Mint 12 just came out and I had to give it a try the other day. Very nice piece work. There have been quite a few interesting changes the Mint Contributers made to their Distro. So I am not at all surprised about Mints steady rise in popularity.

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Android Fridge

Momentan habe ich jetzt mit meinem Kommilitonen Felix ein Projekt für “App development for ubiquitous systems” am Start das einem helfen soll herauszufinden, was man mit dem momentanen Inhalt seines Kühlschranks alles anfangen kann.

Das ganze heißt dann Droid Fridge und diese Woche sollen wir die ersten Mockups einreichen. Wenn ich schon mal kreative sein darf, dann will ich auch mit Inkscape malen dürfen. Ich hoffe wir bekommen mindestens den Preis für das schönste Icon.

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Evolution of a hoodie

Ich hab mal ein wenig mit einem potenziellen hoodie logo herumgespielt, bin aber etwas vom Weg abgekommen. hoodie.svg

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