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Handpicked Rusty Crates

crates to make your coding worthwhile

Time and Datetime Again

how I did the same thing twice - adding iso8601 to rust-datetime

Hendriks Singalong Book

no original music here, sorry

Parsing a File in Two Languages

In which I take a Ruby one-liner and inflate it, until it is valid Rust

Will Rust stick around?

So I just finished listening to some almost ancient episodes of CRE (German) about interesting programming languages including dylan, erlang and c++, and especially the episode on dylan made me wonder: Why is this not more popular?

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No longer self hosted blog.

So I just switched to github-pages for my blog, for the simple reason, that I used to update the version of my wordpress blog more often than its content. Also I prefer the experience of writing markdown in vim to the pretty web based wordpress editor and I want to be take some of the weight off my private machine. Unfortunately this eliminates the comments (for now), but you can always reach me on twitter or email. If you write me feedback I agree with I will update my blog posts accordingly.

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Catch my Rust!

After JavaScript, Ruby, C++ and Python I had to try out a new programming language again. I’ve been wanting to play around with Mozilla’s Rust for quite a while but when I looked into it a year ago the language seem too weird to get a hold of its concepts. Rust felt like basically every syntactical concept was done differently than I would have expected, knowing other languages. Also, it was pretty inconvenient to get it to install on archlinux. Especially after hearing about several major changes in the architecture of the language and its objectives (moving away from garbage collection and dropping of green threads) it seemed like there was too much changing to get in now, so I waited.

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Git push to all remotes

If you are trying to host your code redundantly on two git remotes ( say your personal server, your universities server and/or github ) and you do not which to manually keep them in sync but pushing everything twice. There is nice and rather simple way to keep pushing to all of the at once. Lets imagine your .git/config looks like this:

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